Perfection, the Enemy of Good and the Friend of Writing Nothing


If anyone ever read this blog, they would know that I have posted exactly nothing on it in a very long time.  But obviously, no one reads it because *dramatic pause* I have posted nothing on it in a very long time.  Today I’ve decided to abide by a common aphorism and stop allowing my idea of a perfect post, of a popular blog filled with excellent, insightful writing to be the enemy not just of me writing something good, but also to stop letting it be the enemy of me writing something terrible.  I recently participated in NaNoWriMo, and it reaffirmed an important writing principle for me: writing something shitty is still better than writing nothing.  I think I’ve known that instinctually since childhood, but I also want to toss some credit for that idea to Judy Reeves (who back in 1996 or so, taught the first formal writing class I ever took) and Anne Lamott.  The former for always saying simply, “a writer is someone who writes,” and for introducing me to the latter’s brilliant book, Bird by Bird, and the latter for being so hilarious and right.  Shitty first drafts forever! So here I go.  I’m just going to write something.  I declare this blog’s long period of dormancy officially over.

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